Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Perez Largaespada Family

Leana Carolina Perez, learned sewing by the Foundation, at that time had revenues of C $1,000 a month (US $90), and had no savings, now with the help of the Foundation Cause of Hope has been able to improve their Income C $7,500 (US $340 per month) and your savings are now C $3,300 (US $150), has its own workshop maquila have a family business where they can provide employment for 5 people. They followed the teachings of the Foundation training and mentoring each month, accounting control, budget and family business, allowing them to promote business growth measured monthly. This family is already SELF-SUFFICIENT.

Stories of Successful Families

Rosa Murillo Isabel Cruz had no job and no opportunity to improve her academic studies.  The programs at Cause Foundation of Hope provided her with a loan counselor to explore style and beauty. She now has her own Beauty parlor and also offers her customers' children clothing and cosmetics. Her income and savings increased by more than 100% to help support her husband. Her whole family has benefited, because their children can receive education and have better living conditions. They are already self-sufficient. 

Roberto Jose Martinez, before knowing the Cause for Hope Foundation, was unemployed for over two years. He is an accountant but his age did not let him get a job in private industry, so he enrolled in the  MEN, because already had a small business Cyber. Now with training and microcredit, he has restarted Cyber, achieving revenues of USD $800.00 per month, has established a savings account with a goal to have USD $ 1,000.00 in savings. He plans to expand his business by opening a business and computer school for youth. Through his efforts and help, he achieved self-sufficiency. 

CDE Luis Aguiluz is a systems engineer. A year ago he lost his job but made ​​many efforts to get another job. It was impossible in our country where there is a 62% unemployment. He met the Cause For Hope Foundation, and took the workshop MEN (Business Improvement). With his savings and loan he started a family business of burgers and sodas. With the help of his wife, they serve their customers daily. According to its Action Plan, they have able to increase their income, their income is higher now than when he had his own job. This lets him continue his new career in business management, the principles learned in the Foundation have enabled this family to have self-sufficiency.